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Our multitude of experience and knowledge in the Thermosetting Plastic and Adhesive Tape for various uses is useful to a challenge facing. Our die-cut processing services are suitable for, but are not limited to, two-sides tape, PET film, laminated sheet and SUS. Our global network make sure to meet the specific demand.

Correspond to Market MEISEI Group Global Business Model

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 * Overseas → Domestic

 * Domestic → Overseas

Production Business Integrated System

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 * Processing Services

 * Quality Assurance

 * Green Procurement

Globalization extended to Domestic and Overseas Market by seeking extensive new undertaking fields. The company sets up a global network that precisely meets various customers’ demands. MEISEI Group have been providing Thermosetting Plastics, processing die-cut Adhesive Tape and die cutting seivice in response to request from customers for many years.

Company outline
Company profile

Production in Asia

【Philippines(Clarkfield)】Meisei Electric(Phils.)Corporation

Die cutting two-sides adhesive tapes, adhesive sheet and PET films for various electronic components. To achieve the best quality for our products, our manufacturing process is done in the clean room facility. And processed film mounting and Metal stiffener mounting are also available.
For example, Rigid / Metal stiffeners, Pull tab / Insulation tape with adhesive, Various shaped sponge / cushion sheet, various protection films, optical function films.

ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015 certifications are acquired.

Tape / Film continuous processing

Production in the clean room

Inspection operation

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Sales Base in Asia

【Thailand(Bangkok)】Meisei Electric (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Selling Engineering Plastics and Jigs, ITC licensed.
Various materials are availabe not only for electric component but also for consumer equipment. For example, Japanese Polyester Glass Mat Laminated Sheet for Electrical Insulation, Heat Resistant Material and Adhesive Tape.


Glass Epoxy pipe

Thermosetting Laminated Sheet

Tape, Film

【Singapore】Meisei Electric Singapore Pte.Ltd.

Selling Engineering Plastics, Tape and Film for mainly Japanese company located in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

【China(Hong Kong)】Meisei Electric(HK)Co.,Ltd.

Selling Engineering Plastics, Tape and Film used for electronics component and consumer equipment in South China area.

【China(Shanghai)】Shanghai Meisei International Trading Co.,Ltd.

Selling Engineering Plastics, Tape and Film used for electronics component and consumer equipment in East China area.

Business Partner Network


Available to provide various materials, products and processed products through our partner company in Korea.


Available to provide various materials, products and processed products through our partner company in Taiwan.

Processing examples

Utilizing experience and know-how in the processing field of thermosetting plastic and tapes, we can consistently handle everything from material selection to precision die-cut, multi-layer bonding, vacuum lamination and aging.
We have abundant results in various fields such as heavy electric industry, robots, inspection equipment, medical equipment, electrical components in-vehicle, smartphone fields, so please contact us for details.

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3-axis machining and milling

Commonly used in communication equipment parts, heavy electrical insulation parts, mechanical parts for industrial equipment, etc.

Press working and Bonding process

Useful for various reinforcing plates using SUS, PI, glass-epoxy laminated sheet etc. according to the field where FPC is used.

simultaneous die cutting

Press working and Lamination processing are useful for insulation use in electronic equipment according to insulation characteristics.

Die cutting press work for film / sheet

Commonly used in electronic equipment components that require functions such as scattering prevention and shielding.

NC router processing

Commonly used in FPC reinforcing plates for communication equipment that require high accuracy and medical insulation parts and so forth.

Vacuum Lamination process

Useful for reducing reflection and preventing diffusion for various panels by using functional films such as AR, AG and Moth Eyes High-performance Film.